Who am I???

Hi there, my name's Dena. I am a South African born, Botswana raised and now, an honorary Irish citizen through many years of friendship with incredible Irish people and now marriage. My husband and I live with our beautiful baby boy, Elliot in Donnycarney, Dublin 9 and couldn't be happier. I am a huge foodie and wine lover. My favourite holiday is a very hot beach kinda one with plenty of BBQ's and seafood! 

I love to meet people, from all walks of like and support the weird and wonderfulness that makes us all our own special kind of magic. 

My journey to food photography was was a long one and rather accidental but I am 100% certain that it was meant to be that way. If you want to read all about that, hop over to my about me section here.

Food and Drink

I have worked extensively in the food industry and understand the nature of a busy store. It's very important to me that the floor and kitchen staff are put under the least amount of pressure as possible during the shoot. 

I am experienced in both food styling and photography.

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'The work Luvly Content has produced for Mao Restaurant and Mao at Home has been exceptional. Dena is an extremely talented photographer who has worked on a range of social media, print and digital campaigns, creating assets that truly capture the identity and personality of each brand. Dena is highly skilled in lifestyle, action, product and food photography and has helped elevate and develop the aesthetic of the Mao brand through her work. Dena’s diligence and passion are portrayed clearly in the content she produces.' - Celine Gilmer - Marketing Director- Mao Restaurant and Home

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I shoot high quality lifestyle portraits of your staff and models to showcase your brand through print and media. I make sure that the voice of your brand runs through all the content while still looking relaxed and unstaged.

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These days the world wants to know the personality behind your brand. This is why it's so important to have a great portrait of yourself whether it be for your social profiles, web page or business cards. I want to bring out your personality and your passion for your brand in a fun, creative manner. I am focused on shooting a natural portrait that evokes a welcoming and sophisticated feel. 

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My music photography is stark, fun and bold in tones. I shoot to bring out the rawness of the event using contrasts in lighting and colours. I love the creative freedom that comes with shooting an artist.

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Let me tell your story!

It's important to me that together with my artistic style and your vision, we create something that truly resonates with your business and your brand. I am extremely thorough in trying to establish exactly it is that you want to portray for your brand. If you're not entirely sure, thats ok to! We will work together to develop something beautiful!

I want to make sure that the process is as efficient and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. I look forward to working with you to create imagery that you will love and will be tailored specifically to your brand.

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Looking forward to meeting you!

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