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Pickled Beetroot Salad - The Black Stuff

I had originally tasted this mouthwatering salad when I went over to my brother and his fiancé’s’s house a couple of months ago. I fell in love instantly. I discussed that I wanted to photograph this as a form of Christmas dinner party starter and Mimi Bunting (MSc.) suggested I use cavolo nero instead of lettuce to give it more of a wintery feel.

It worked magically! The Clonakilty Food Co. black pudding is perfectly balanced against the homemade beetroot pickle, feta cheese, toasted walnuts and Cavolo Nero. Black Pudding fans, you have to try this salad 👌

Lighty fry cavolo nero in garlic and olive oil till slightly crunchy. Use a decent good feta cheese and make sure it’s out of the fridge at least 30 mins before serving. Then you crumble walnuts and toast in garlic and butter, maybe a squeeze of lemon juice. You bbq or griddle large rounds of pudding. In advance, you make a beetroot pickle. So buy beetroots including the leaves. Roast the beetroots and then make a pickle with vinegar. Conserve the leaves.

Then throw all the cavolo nero on a plate, crumble feta over it, scatter walnuts, place the pudding and then whack a bit of the beetroot pickle including lading the pickle sauce over the whole plate. Simples!

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