Spade Enterprise - Smithfield

I just love how the universe works!! I had originally been referred to Spade Enterprise Centre by one of the leaders of my Plato group. Upon making contact with Pascal, the then general manager just happened to be looking for a photographer to work with for the revamp of their website. So he hired me. Coincidentally I needed a space to work during the time of our renovations. Luckily Spade had a place for me short term.

I worked on the photographs running up to my arrival in the centre and it really got me excited about being there. It was easy to understand why Pascal was so passionate about the buildings.

‘We are an Enterprise Centre in the heart of Dublin City, that puts your business success at the heart of what we do.’

I was to capture the true essence of Spade. I wanted to show the beauty of the Cathedral office conversion with its authenticity intact as well as the shared kitchens surrounding it.

I loved this project. I loved this place! I loved, even more, working in this space! I’m not just saying this, I loved everything about the office space I was working in. It’s a photographer’s dream. The customer care from all the staff involved was impeccable.

To put it simply, I felt right at home. It’s going to be hard to leave but my new extension/workspace needs me.
Thank you Spade for a magical 4 weeks! 

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